we learn

Learning is a process and as it righty said that millions saw the apple falling but only Newton asked why. Application based and experiential learning is important for today’s learner, they are in the age of vision, imagination, collaboration, communication and creativity. People with skills are considered remarkable and the ability to see the invisible will make them outstanding. To achieve this goal, an ISWKi education will prepare students to be successful and contributing citizens in the context of today’s international community which requires understand how to learn independently, and acquire skills that will make them:

Creative Communicators

Communication is the unique process of mankind and making that communication impressive, convincing and effective is the uniqueness of smart learners. It enables them to come up with loads of ideas for mankind; it makes them different when it comes naturally with the process called education. Imagination with communication skill and profound knowledge gives learners more probability of success than knowledge. According to Albert Einstein "To raise new questions, New possibilities, to regard old problems from new angle requires creative imagination."

Critical Thinkers

Analyzing basic concepts, raising deep questions and keeping facts and evidences in mind before accepting the idea as belief are the few characteristics of creative thinkers. Organizing thoughts, being logically sound with authenticity of information can be learnt. It becomes the habit of learners to think logically and come up as a phenomenal personality who can give reasons and have firm beliefs on facts.

Innovative problem Solvers

"Innovation distinguishes between leader and follower" (Steve Jobs). Looking at the problem from new angle can be the regular practice at school. This is the key skill for 21st century learner. This provides learners altogether a new dimension of thinking and they get the education of real life skill in true sense.

Investigative Explorers

It is the guided learning which enables student to learn, keep different aspects in mind, ask questions and inspire them to do research work in order to excel in competencies of the world. Explore the world of wisdom with the help of experiential learning and sound concepts.

Collaborative Learners

Collaborative learning inspires learners to play for purpose and encourages them to share knowledge to organise their thoughts and explore the other dimensions of it. It is empowering them with the idea of value system and learning together. Learning with the team motivates them and also strengthen their self esteem.

Responsible World citizen

The values of collaboration, team building, problem solving and the skills like thinking critically guides them to become the trustworthy and responsible world citizen.

Intelligent technology users

Technology makes things happen and innovative users of technology invest in their tomorrow. They get wings in education to fly faster and higher.