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Q, With which board ISWKi is affliated ?

A, We have got approvals from Ministry of Oman and our affiliation process with Cambridge is under process. Very soon we will get Cambridge (Primary) affiliation and with each passing year. We will receive secondary and senior affiliation.

Q, What are the school timings for students?


1 KG1 & KG2 0830H - 1230H
2 1st - 2nd 0830H – 1400H
3 3rd - 7rd 0830H – 1645H

Q, Whether school will provide the transport facility?

A, School does not have transport facility but will outsource it, which can be availed by the students. Door to door pickup and drop is proposed.

Q, What are the safety measures taken by the school during travel?

A, Every bus/ van will have an attendant to take care of safety of the child during travel. Also each vehicle is installed with GPRS system which is monitored by the school.

Q, Will the school provide meals to the students?

A, School is planning to provide meals to children in near future and it will be chargeable.

Q, What is the school's Homework policy?

A, There will be a Homework session in school for the children. Students will complete their work in school and not carry it back home. They will receive teacher's assistance to complete it, if required. Homework session will be scheduled from 1600H-1645H. The school follows a no homework policy for the students. We at ISWKi strongly believe that a child once home should spend quality time with parents and siblings.

Q, How will the parents be updated about child's progress in school?

A, ISWKi have a policy of Parents Partnership in children's learning. Parents are kept updated by the subject teachers and class teachers through FLOCK. They can communicate with each other through FLOCK.

Q, What are the extra co-curricular activities provided by the school?

A, Children at school will get involved in different co-curricular activities. There are clubs as- Public speaking, Do it Yourself, Little Chefs, Code of conduct, Techy genius. Learning will also involve Debating, dramatics, Life skills and Sewa. Arts, Pottery, Dance, Music etc are some other features of their learning.

Q, What are the games facility provided in the school?

A, There are both indoor and outdoor activities for the students. Badminton, Table tennis, Chess, Carrom Board etc are the indoor activities provided by the school. Students will learn major games like Cricket, Football, and Hockey. School is also looking forward to outsource the swimming facility for the students.

Q, How is Cambridge different from CBSE?

A, Cambridge and CBSE are two different formats of learning. Cambridge is more about experiential learning. Children get hands on experience. It is a collaborative way of learning with integrated class rooms. Students will understand how to learn and they acquire the skills that will make them Creative communicators, Innovative problem solver and Responsible world citizens.

Q, What would be the class size?

A, At ISWKi the maximum number of students in one section would be 25.

Q, Whether my child will get admission in India after getting Cambridge education?

A, Yes, Students may choose any school back in India.

Q, Will a child be eligible for admissions to any institution in India in case of higher education or midterm transfer of parents?

A, Most of the schools/ colleges and universities recognize the Cambridge IGCSE, AS and A level certificates. Care has been taken to make the choice for the April to March session so that in case of transfer of parents the child shall have no problems seeking admission in any school or college in India

Q, What is the examination pattern at Cambridge?

A, There are five check points . First check point is after Grade 5, which is primary level, second Check point is Grade 8, Third one is IGCSE level at Grade 10, Next is AS level at grade 11 and then it will be A Level examination after which student can even apply in Indian universities.

Q, What is the fee structure for different classes?

A, Kindly refer to the following link: http://www.iswki.org/fee.php or go to the fee column in website.

Q, What is the school policy for learners with different abilities?

A, With the parents partnering in child's learning; school will identify the gaps in students understanding and then work for the Individualized learning plan (ILP).

Q, What is the internal assessment policy of the school?

A, Upto Grade 5, students will be continuously assessed by the teacher in the classroom. From Grade 6 there will be a formal examination system. Students will take all the Cambridge check point examinations after two years from now. Cambridge check point would be conducted in three subjects – English, Maths and Science.

Q, How far has the affiliation process reached?

A, Ans. In the four stages of Cambridge affiliation we have successfully passed through the three stages. MOE and Cambridge inspection visits have taken place and the formal affiliation confirmation is expected shortly.

Q, Are the teachers well equipped to handle Cambridge curriculum?

A, The teachers at ISWKi are well qualified, well experienced & well equipped to handle the Cambridge curriculum

Q, What would the children do in the post academic session from 2:50 pm to 4:45 pm?

A, Each day of the week has been assigned for various activities like games and sports, music, house activities and clubs respectively.