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The Indian School Wadi Kabir was formally founded in 1941 as a Gujarati Medium School for the children of the members of the business community.

It began to take its present shape in 1987 as Indian School Muttrah, with English as a medium of instruction and in September 1993 was renamed Indian School Wadi Kabir when it moved into the new premises in wadi Kabir, Muscat.

The School is affiliated with CBSE since 1992 and is managed by an association of members of the Banyan Merchant Community in Muscat through a committee called the School Managing Committee of Indian School Wadi Kabir.

ISWK international (ISWKi) came into existence when the Managing Committee felt the need to give the students in Muscat the option of the best of International education at a reasonable cost. ISWKi is "international" not only in name but also in philosophy, approach, infrastructure, teaching & Learning Process, in its curriculum and in all facets of school administration. ISWKi seeks to build a stronger society & an international workforce from its student body, by providing them with a holistic learning environment to make them World Citizens.